Never Buy From Currys

Currys Customer Complaints & Poor Service THE TRUTH

Get all the information you need to take on one of the most ruthless and despicable companies in the UK, right from the horses mouth.

I worked for Currys for over 7 years and have access to a network of associates that still work at Currys, in locations everywhere from the stores through to the repair centres and head office.

I can give you advice that Currys do not want you to have, expose the loop holes in their system that they do not want you to know about and also provide basic consumer legal advice.

Worse still, I can show you so many examples of what happens inside Currys that you will never want to buy anything from them ever again.

(And it's not Just Currys either - PC World, Master Care, The Tech Guys and Dixons.co.uk are all part of the same scam too...)